D  E  A  R    S  H  E  A  R  S , 

Dear Shears is an experimental short and a self-mocking social commentary introducing viewers to the fictional realities of millennial disorder.

While there is no space for verbal dialogue, visual flashes invite the audience into the minds of characters struggling with an inability to distinguish reality, determine sexual and personal identity and cope with indecision, over-saturation and insatiability.

It is a sensory look into the side-effects of immediate gratification and overly curated realities.

Reality changes with perception and manipulation. It is plural.

We are all living in a different interpretation of one.

The Dear Shears experience is a working collaboration with musicians roughly between the ages of 18-35. Each artist was given a finished copy of the silent film, the treatment and no direction to create individual realities for the film.

Each member of the audience is invited to view the film while wearing a pair of multi channel headphones. Each channel represents one musician’s interpretation of the film. Viewers are encouraged to filter the information as it’s coming to them, curating their own interpretation of a singular reality making it nearly impossible to see the same film twice.

In the spirit of excess, the viewing experience is coupled with licensed, complimentary hair design by Nicole Collazo.

M U S  I C I A N S 

S H A R A L U N E N / R a R a / E L E S T I A L S O U N D

D A V I D S I N O P O L I + W I L L B U C K / L E G S B E N E D I C T

K E L L Y K E L L A M / K E L L A M

S E A N W O U T E R S / D E A F P O E T S + V I C E R O I

D E L I A A L B E R T / D V W E Z

J O S E A L B E R T O C O R O N E L / J A C J G O M E Z

A D R I A N S C H W E I Z E R / A D R I A T I Q U E

E M I L I O A R I A S / Q U I N A

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